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We checked back into the hospital right before the New Year with Hyper Carbic Toxicity…her body was not expelling her CO2 and it poisoned her lungs. This explained why she was so tired lately and not eating.

Unfortunately, her levels were so high by the time we got to the hospital, she was incoherent and had to be intubated. I am not going to take everyone through the gut wrenching events we went through before the intubation. Let’s just leave it at “IT WAS BAD.”

The intubation is actually helping Morgan exercise her lungs more than if she were doing things on her own. Once her levels are in a more tolerant range, they will remove the tube and continue to monitor. We will be in the hospital for at least another 2 weeks.

On a Morgan will be Morgan note…when she is lucid she has asked for me to bring a few things to the hospital: Acrylic Paints and canvas, her Blick Markers (her good ones), Curly fries, Cheese Curls, Her Littlest Petshops to draw from, white Asian sticky rice and some more squishes. Keep in mind, she can’t see because the sedation makes her vision blurry, and the tube prohibits her from eating…but I guess she is just preparing for her recovery.

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