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That was the result of our homemade ravioli making escapade!  The project was a little delayed from last week, when we had to take Morgan to the hospital for her fever, but we did manage to pull it together and had fun in the process.  We will not be attempting this again until we get pasta making machine.

Morgan is still dealing with some internal issues, and the pesky wound on her foot from her fall it taking it’s good old time healing, but her clinic visit today gave us some good news that her counts are back up, and her foot is doing ok.

Morgan has expressed a lot of interest in the CSI exhibit at the Franklin Institute so I think a little sleuthing may be on the horizon.

Morgan’s spirits are high and she is putting a lot more effort into learning to walk again.  She still needs a walker, and travels in her wheelchair, but she’s making great progress!

  1. Aunt Lois
    Aunt Lois11-16-2011

    I’m ALWAYS glad to hear good news about you! I LOVE that you’re so interested in cooking. I like the eating part of cooking! I love you!!! Aunt Lois ox

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