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Special Agent Morgan and Some Great News!


So Sunday is the day we decide to go the CSI exhibit at the Franklin Institute.  As we head out the Philly Marathon is in full swing with people, music, and lots of tents everywhere.  As we get closer to the museum Morgan is getting more excited by the moment anticipating the challenge.

We get to the museum,  make our way through the maze of ramps, and finally reach our destination, CSI!  We listen to the CSI briefing, receive our clipboards and are directed to “Crime Scene 2″.  Our job is to observe every possible clue at the scene, and write our notes on the clipboards for later reference at the labs.

Morgan starts right in pointing out things she thinks are important, and then starts to speculate scenarios based on her observations.  I’m stunned!  So we press on.

As we move through the various labs, we are able to learn more details based on the lab results and how they relate to our notes.  As we move to the last two labs we suddenly realize that we are about to be late for our viewing of the 3D Dinosaur film thats about to start.  We rush through the last two labs and solve the crime!  We think…

We make it to the film just as it starts and spend the next twenty minutes dodging dinosaurs.  It was a great day for both of us and there was lots of conversation back home.

So the Great News is Morgan managed to an excursion of her own!  Morgan managed to get herself up off the couch, and walk on her own from the living room all the way to the bedroom.  Granted, not a huge accomplishment of us, but for Morgan it was a tremendous leap of faith.  But wait there’s more!

Morgans results from her most recent clinic visit were nothing short of spectacular!  While Morgan is still working her way though several issues, her counts were through the roof.  The highest they have been so far.

I wonder if it has anything to do with her upcoming Disney trip?

  1. Aunt Lois
    Aunt Lois12-01-2011

    Way to go Morgan and Gene! It sounds like one terrific day! Plus today’s news is the best! Keep up the great work everyone….Love, Aunt Lois 0x

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