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17 days


Getting ready for our third LP tomorrow.  This is when they check Morgan’s bone marrow to see if they were able to get rid of as many blasts (pre-B cells) as they could with the last 2 rounds of chemotherapy.  We have our fingers crossed that we receive the news that she hits the percentages the doctors would consider a success.  If the percentages are not in our favor, it just means adjusting the chemo treatments.  The steroids she is taking are starting to show in the side effects – some weight gain. This weight will not stay, it will occur only while she is on the steroid for another 17 days, then back to her own weight.

Thank you to Olivia and Aunt Kathleen for dropping in today for a visit.  She has a full day with visitors tomorrow, and will also be getting her hair cut tomorrow night by one of her Grammy’s co-workers. Thank you again for all the well wishes and prayers, it’s amazing how generous everyone has been.

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