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Me and Mama

Me and Mama

So last night was a little tough for Morgan because her belly was reacting to all the medicines she was taking. However, sooooooooooo much better today! She received a bunch of e-mails via the hospital. We love reading them. She received one from her dog Bruno today – LOVED it!!!! Hoping Bruno will want to come back to us once we are home.

Today Morgan learned what is going on with her bad blood. The Child Life Team showed Morgan how she has red, white, and BAD blood cells using pom poms to show us what is going on in her body. It helped Morgan understand more about why she is here. She really does not want to talk about losing her hair yet, it is still a little upsetting. We keep explaining, but we will go at her pace to understand. We are going to watch a Charlie Brown movie about it this week to help her/us.

She had a few visitors today…her friends Sydney and Abby, as well as her Gramma Nato, Aunt Ellen, and cousin Nicky. Morgan loves the visits, it gives her new things to do, since her mamma is boring her silly. I just can not keep up with this girl.

Tomorrow is a big day…Round 2 of chemotherapy, and her second LP (spinal and bone marrow tap.) Keep your fingers crossed, your hands in prayer or whatever works for you, that all that has been started is doing its job. Morgan is ready for the procedures, just sad that she has to stop eating after 11p tonight!

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