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26 days to go…


Sleepy Time!

Sleepy Time!

Hallelujah, we have conquered the medication by pill swallowing!!! May I hear the applause please! I would love to take credit, but alas no can do. Again, thanks to the amazing staff at Children’s Hospital, one of our many nurses, Patti, came up with the BRILLIANT idea of hiding the pill in vanilla icecream. Before Morgan realized, she had taken all four medications in less than 10 minutes. It used to take us just 10 minutes if we were lucky to get her to consider taking just one of the liquid versions.

Her cell count continues to decrease, which is what we want. Once her levels hit ZERO, she will begin to get somewhat tired and achey. We will then begin rebuilding her immune system with healthy cells, and then onto the journey of recovery.

We had visitors today. Her Aunt Margo dropped off homemade Wedding Soup (her favorite). Tr. Carol dropped off school work for her stay AND so many AMAZING get well cards from all her classmates, it will take me days to hang on the walls. She ended the day with a neighborhood friend where you watch the two of them play and for a time, forget why she is even here.

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