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More “Shin Hits The Fan”!


Yesterday started out like any other day…car door and Morgan’s shin collide and WHAM, in the hospital we go. A normal response to this type of accident would be a bruise, maybe a large bump. Morgan, huge 5″ gash, 1.5″ wide….UGH!

We decide the best course of action is to go visit our friends at CHOP. The good part is we can call ahead and are immediately moved into a comfortable room. The bad part is that we are in that room for about 6 hours, no matter what happens.

The Doctors take these things very seriously, and the decision is finally made to move Morgan to surgery to repair her leg. Morgan does an amazing job getting through surgery, and the doctors did a great job with the repair.

The goal now is for Morgan to rest and let her leg heal as quickly as possible. She is already on her way, as I’m sitting here writing, she is gently sleeping with her snoring horsey pillow who has been with her from the beginning.


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