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Chain of Friendship

Chain of Friendship

I don’t know about Morgan, but I am Exhausted!!!  Thank you so much for all the friends and family that visited this weekend: Grammy, Pop Pop, Allura, Max, Camryn, Amy, Mary Elizabeth, Mazie, Dasha, Polley, Ava, Ben, Natalie, Mercedes…if I forgot anyone forgive me.  I mean SERIOUSLY, this girl has an amazing cheering section!

We received a “chain of friendship” from her classmates at Friends Select…it’s already up on the wall.  All the notes and artwork created and collected this weekend will take a little time to hang on the already crowded walls. 

She had a great weekend, a little sick Saturday night…but that could have been all the snacks she had with Max and Camryn…don’t know if we can blame that on her meds.  I know the medicine she takes everyday is going to help her, but her friends and family will be what cures her. XOXO

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