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Artist at Work

Artist at Work

We received news from the doctors regarding her most recent LP.  Everything seems to be on track, which is GREAT NEWS!  Morgan had her second round of chemotherapy yesterday, and was only a little sick.  A visit today from her friend Naomi was a HUGE medicine boost to her feeling better. THANKs Naomi!

I have received calls from so many of her friends about visiting.  PLEASE DO!  She just perks right up when she hears a friend will be visiting her.  I believe she has quite a few visiting this weekend…her social calendar is more exciting then mine, but that has always been the case.  I mean, after all, this is Morgan.

She finished her first week of school at the hospital, and I know misses her classmates at Friends Select soooo much.  We hung up all the get well cards from her schoolmates – they cover a WHOLE WALL.  All the eCards I think will cover the hospital hallway!  Keep in touch, and we will be seeing you around town real soon.

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